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The Treacle Garden

The Treacle Garden is a semi dystopian snapshot that has been created to celebrate the history and relationship Macclesfield has with its local 'Treacle Market' and the natural world around it.As usual for Skylark, the garden draws on inspiration from nature, native Peak District plants are the basis for the planting in the garden.Many moons a go a horse cart tipped over in Macclesfield town centre - all over the cobbled streets. The contents - treacle - spread across the old cobbles and became a historic point of reference and gave the town one of its two nicknames - The Treacle Town.The current Treacle Market now uses this moment in time for its title. The kiosk, cobbles , horse cart and mini veggie patch all represent those very Macclesfield things.Heuchera 'Black Pearl' is the show stopper, contrasting with the native greens and pinks and blues the striking dark, almost black is used to represent the treacle. I love this plant and have used its contrasting, dark leaves in previous designs. You can see, bringing the plants on from tiny plug plants has been a journey and creating the old styled props from new was a challenge. And you can also see here the amazing guys from Grow Macclesfield who will be taking the garden on in the future where it is gifted to the Salvation Army's newly renovated walled garden.

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