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Nature and Garden Design.

Now is the time to make sure your garden attracts wildlife, encourages biodiversity and uses sustainable materials - we have no choice! Garden Design and biodiversity work together!

We can't turn our backs on the fact that the planet is changing and not for the better. Even during this tough year with a pandemic we can trace its source to human activity by deforestation and diminishing real wild biodiversity.

It is easy to feel like there is little you can do when we struggle to know which recycling bin to use but we can.

Any outdoor space can be utilised to boost biodiversity and create wildlife corridors to all flora and fauna to navigate to larger expanses of wilder spaces.

Design and gardens for biodiversity work hand in hand. We shouldn't feel that because we might be encouraging wildlife and a strong ecology in our gardens they shouldn't look and feel beautiful - quite the opposite.

Careful design work, researched ethical and ecological materials, specific planting of native species alongside native cultivars and creating spaces that look cool and encourage wildlife like the well used bug hotels can all be brought together by design to create a special place for all aspects of life.

Water, trees, planting, pathways, seating areas, beauty can all intermingle to create your perfect garden and give you that satisfaction that you are your doing your bit, be it on a balcony to a large private garden, to help the planet.

Skylark Garden Design can help you design, tutor, build and create the perfect collaboration of human interaction with the outdoors and rich biodiversity.

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